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How does svside+ work?

Svside is a serverside anti cheat. It is analyzing character movements from server and block abnormal movements.

Which cheat does svside block?

Old version svside blocks attackspeed, damage hacks, wallhack  and some other small cheats.

Which cheats does svside+ block?

New version svside+ blocks movespeed, attackspeed, damage hacks, wallhack, skill hacks, ranged pickup and some other small cheats.

Svside+ is using different methods for blocking attackspeed, damage hacks and wallhack. New methods are very sensitive and doesn't need to setting any value to make it work without problem.

How sensitive new svside+ protections?

Ex: If you have 160 movespeed/attackspeed and you change movespeed/attackspeed to around 165-170 or more with cheat, it'll be detected by svside+. Character will be teleported back with movespeed cheat,  damage and attack animation will be blocked with attackspeed cheat.

How to install?

Installations are done by customers by following that tutorial. It is simple and fast. If you have a question, you can ask to us.

How to update?

Svside is a serverside protection. So doesn't need to update existing protections. If there is a update you can update it from website in a few seconds.

How long has svside been active?

Svside released in January 2017, new version svside+ released in January 2020.

How is the pricing?

Pricing for svside and svside+ is 40$/Month. You can try free 1 day before you buy. Then if you want continue to use, you can buy and extend the license time.

What are the payment methods?

Currently payment methods are credit/debit card (, cryptocurrency (bitcoin/ethereum). 

Website :

Installation tutorial : Installation Helper

Skype : live:loyein

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